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Chiseled and Activate Arts Alberta

Chiseled - January 18 - 20, 2024 ICE District Plaza Open to the public. Sculptures on display through February


Well, our frosty masterpieces were bamboozled by a cruel and vengeful Mother Nature – they disintegrated, rapidly melting and crumbling, suffering an inelegant demise. With that, voting for the People’s Choice Award closed on Jan. 30 at 5 pm and we’re pleased to announce the results!

Congratulations to Carvin’ Buddies Scott Harrison from Calgary and Ross Baisas from the Philippines for their creation, Dragon Queen!

Winter of People's Choice Award

Edmonton’s own A Stiff Cleve, Clifford Vacheresse and Steve Bubzak’s creation, Float, is the runner up!

People's Choice Runner up

Huge congrats to both teams!

The People’s Choice award is given to the carving team with the most votes for their work and is a coveted prize for the artist.

Here are some of the criteria used to help pick the best sculpture:

  • First impression – is the sculpture attractive?
  • Structure – how did the sculptors use the ice?
  • Skill and technique – how technical and challenging is the design?
  • Details – how refined are the details?
  • Artistry – what is the composition, balance, flow of the design?
  • Creativity – how original is the piece?
  • Artistic Merit – overall beauty and lasting impression



Chiseled 2024 Gallery

Chiseled -Edmonton's International Ice Carving Competition - on display in the ICE District downtown Edmonton